Why Foreign Embassies Aren’t To Blame For ‘Unverified’ Possible Terror Attack In Abuja

A prison is supposed to be a “self-sustained defended” structure with facilities to prevent any attack. However, the case is different in Nigeria, with several recent reports of prison breaks in the country in the past few years.
The most recent was the July 5 terrorists’ attack of the  Kuje Medium Security Correctional Centre, in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, with their cocktail of Improvised Explosive Devices and high-calibre weapons, killing four operatives, freeing 888 inmates, with 64 of the prison escapees being imprisoned fellow terror suspects.
It is appalling to note that the attack was successful despite 65 security operatives being on guard at the correctional facility on the day of the invasion, and despite the proximity of the Nigerian Air Force station at the international airport to the scene of incident.
These personnel were said to have been relaxed and unprepared for the danger ahead, despite the intelligence available to their superiors at their various comfortable offices warning of the possible attack.Unfortunately, the superior officers had seemingly failed to inform them of it, only for them to suddenly hear loud bangs, which landed them into panic and turmoil, as they fled the scene, leading to the unchallenged and successful operation of the terrorists.

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The Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Idris Wase also confirmed the development said, “44 reports were given before the attack on Kuje,” but nothing was done to prevent the attack neither did they issue any warning, despite the presence of operatives at the facility.With many of these prison escapees still at large, along with the unabated activities of terrorists in the North, it won’t be out of place to still say that Nigerians are still not safe, let alone foreigners, as killings and kidnappings (both reported and unreported), are still taking place, most of which are done in connivance with some influential traditional and political leaders.Hence, the Federal Government, rather than describing the possible terror threats in Abuja as ‘unverified’, and dismissing the travel advisory issued by the United Kingdom United States, Australia, Canada and Ireland who were asking their nationals, especially in Abuja, to leave the country because they take security serious and their citizens’ lives as priority, should focus on preventing the terror threats from seeing the light of day.It is already disheartening that foreign embassies are the ones issuing a warning of a possible terror attack, rather than our local intelligence. Although it is believed that the Nigerian Intelligence was aware of this possible terror threat even before the embassies issued the alert, just like the Kuje prison attack, Nigeria’s security operatives should see promptly informing citizens of a possible terror attack to keep them on alert as more important than keeping such an important information from them, in the name of not wanting to scare them.If citizens are not made aware of possible attacks, how do you expect them to be more conscious of their surroundings and suspicious movements and activities around them? How will they then get other necessary information of suspicious activities from someone who has no idea something may soon happen?With all the travel advisories by these foreign embassies of a possible attack in Abuja and the subsequent dismissal of the alert and description as ‘unverified’, if the terror attack still happens, then the minister of interior, Rauf Aregbesola, the minister of information, Lai Mohammed and the leadership of all the security agencies should be relieved of their duties for gross negligence and incompetence. Sadly though, going by past happening, that isn’t likely to happen.